Getting started on -- and getting help with -- Samsung Smart TVs, Blu-ray Disc players and home theater systems

Welcome to Redbox Instant by Verizon! This guide will take you step-by-step through signing up for the service, preparing your device, installing the app, and browsing through the service on your supported Samsung Smart TV, Blu-ray Disc player or home theater system. We'll also help solve common issues you may encounter along the way. If you need to click a link for more information, just use your browser's Back button to return here.

Before you begin, please ensure you are using a supported Smart TVBlu-ray Disc player or Home Theater systemYou also must be located in the U.S. to use Redbox Instant by Verizon.

Important Tips:

  • Signing into an existing account is easier than signing up for a new account on a Samsung device, so if you need a new account we recommend you sign up on a PC or Mac. Once you've signed up for an account, please return here for instructions on how to install the Redbox Instant by Verizon app on your device.
  • For your user name and password, use the << or >> buttons on the remote to see additional symbols and capital letters.
  • When you enter your user name or password, hit the blue button on your remote to select ENTER.
  • Some screens use the colored function buttons on the remote to jump Home, Search, or change modes.
  • To view a preview you have to press the Play button on the title information page.
  • After a system or application upgrade, you may want to unplug the device for 5 seconds to force a complete load of the new software.

Step 1: Prepare Your Device

This section provides directions for downloading the latest version of firmware for your Blu-ray Disc player via Ethernet (LAN.)

a. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet/LAN port on your Blu-ray Disc player/Smart TV.
If your device is wireless, turn on Wi-Fi.

b. If you're using a Blu-Ray disc player, make sure there is no disc inside.

Step 2: Confirming your internet connection

To find out whether your network setup was successful, press the Menu button on your remote, choose the Network menu, and select Network Status. You should see a confirmation that your device is connected to the Internet. This instructional video from Samsung will help you check your setup on 2011 models (use your browser's Back button to return here.) For 2012 models, go to this instructional video.

If there is a problem with your connection, you may need to correct your wireless password, replace a faulty Ethernet cable, or reset your wireless router. You can also get relevant information and support in the Support area of by entering the type and model of your device.

a. Press the Menu button on your remote.
b. In the settings menu use the up or down arrow buttons to select Network Status and press Enter.


c. If you are connected to the internet you will see the following result:


d. Press Return to get back to the main menu.
e. If you are not connected to the internet, please refer to your user manual for instructions.

Step 3: Connecting your Samsung Smart TV to the Internet

To download and use the Redbox Instant by Verizon app, your Samsung Smart TV must be connected to the Internet. This connection can be wireless or a wired Ethernet connection.

If you need help connecting,this Samsung video can guide you through the process:

If your wireless network is password-protected, you'll need to enter the password for your wireless network.

If you are unable to connect your television to the Internet, you may need to contact your Internet service provider or refer to the directions that came with your Samsung TV.

Step 4: Check Software Version

a. Use the left or right arrow buttons on your remote to select Settings.


b. In the Settings menu, use the up or down arrow buttons to select Support and press Enter.

Note: In some models, you may directly go to Support from the menu.


c. Software Upgrade is automatically highlighted. Press Enter.
d. The system will tell you whether an upgrade is needed or if you have the latest version of software.
e. If an upgrade is required, follow the steps below, if not, press Return on your remote to exit.
f. Using the up or down arrow buttons, select By Internet and press Enter. The message Connecting to network server displays.


g. After a brief status check, the system will tell you that your software is current, or locate the upgrade if one is available, and a screen will appear which shows the current and new firmware versions. Use the directional buttons to select Upgrade Now and press Enter.


h. After the Upgrade Complete message displays, the device will power down and all of the settings will revert back to factory settings.
i. Turn the device back on and allow the update to complete.

Please note, some customers have reported issues even after updating their firmware using the above method. If this happens to you, please double check that you have the latest firmware via the Samsung web site. Instructions for performing this task are available at the bottom of this page.

Step 5: Downloading the Redbox Instant by Verizon App from the Smart Hub

Important: We strongly recommend you download and install the app now, even if it's already installed on your device

a. To go to the Smart Hub, simply press the square Smart Hub button on the remote


Go to the Samsung Main Menu and select the Smart Hub.



b. In the Smart Hub, select Search.



c. In the Search field, enter Redbox Instant. You'll see some videos and our Redbox Instant application.

Note: Please be sure to search for Redbox Instant (2 words); Instant also works.


d. From the search results, select Redbox Instant by Verizon.


The app starts loading on the Samsung Apps window.



The app details are displayed.

e. Select Download Now.


The app is downloaded.


Once downloaded, the Run Now button displays.

f. Click Run Now.


The app gets connected to.


The Terms and Conditions screen displays.

g. Read the End User License Agreement and click ACCEPT.


h. You should now see the RedboxInstant by Verizon app in your Smart Hub.


Step 6: Create new account

(Note: If you've already created an account on a PC, Mac or other device, you can skip this step and just sign in. Step 7 shows you how to browse and find movies using the Samsung app.)

a. Launch the Smart Hub and double-click the Redbox Instant by Verizon app. The app launches.


b. In the Login screen, click NEW ACCOUNT.


c. To start the trial, click START TRIAL.


d. In the About You screen, enter your email address and other information.

e. Click Next.


f. In the Billing Info screen, enter your billing information.

g. Click Next.


You will see a confirmation page for the billing information.

Note: For all transactions, we'll confirm your billing information by placing a $0.01 (one-cent) charge on your payment card (some American Express cardmembers will see a $1.01 charge.This charge will automatically be reversed in a few days and you need not take any action.


Note: When the Free Trial ends, a subscription will start and you will be billed at the beginning of each month.

Step 7: Browse and Find a Movie

a. On the home screen, click BROWSE to get to the browse page.



b. You can find a movie using the Browse feature.


c. Select the movie category you wish to watch and scroll through the titles until you find one that interests you.

d. Select the movie poster.

Step 8: Find Movies Using Search

a. Click SEARCH.


The search results display on the right side.


Step 9: View Title

a. You can read the movie description.

b. You can bookmark the movie.

c. You can watch a preview.

d. You can rate the movie with stars.

e. You can read and write movie reviews.




Step 10: Play Movie

a. To play a movie, simply press Watch Now.

The movie begins.


Here are some other features that you may find useful:

Find a Kiosk

If you would like to reserve a title for renting or buy a title from a kiosk, you can do it from your Samsung device.

a. Click Find a Redbox Kiosk on the top of the page.

b. Enter your zip code. You will see a list of kiosks in that area.

Note: Only active kiosks will have a BROWSE button.


c. Tap the movie poster you would like to reserve at that kiosk.


Uninstall the Application

There are two ways to uninstall the Redbox Instant by Verizon app. Method 1 works for most devices, but on some (including the UN46D series Smart TVs), you may need to use Method 2.

Method 1:

a. Launch Smart Hub and wait for it to load

b. Using the navigational arrow buttons on your remote, move to the App you want to delete and make sure it’s highlighted.

c. Press the Tools button (above the left arrow button) on your remote and then move down to delete and press Enter.

d. A confirmation prompt displays, highlight Yes and then press Enter. A second confirmation prompt displays when the deletion is completed. You can press enter on OK or wait for the message to disappear.

e. Press the Return or Exit buttons on your remote to exit the Tools menu.

Method 2:

a. Press the Smart Hub Button on the remote to open Smart Hub and wait for it to load.

b. Press the Yellow button to enter Edit Mode. 

c. Highlight app that you would like to remove and press Enter to check that app.

d. Use the down button to select the action bar at the bottom of the screen.

e. Use the left and right buttons to select the Delete option.

f. Select Yes to confirm removal of the application.

g. After confirming removal of the application, it is deleted.

h. Use the up arrow to select the X button to exit Edit Mode.

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