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  1. How do I stream movies?
    It's easy! When you find a movie you want to watch, choose its poster. This will bring up a page with complete information about the movie, including one or more buttons: A Watch Now button means the...
    Date Updated: 03/07/2014
    Answer ID: 828
  2. Getting started on the web with your PC or Mac
    Welcome! This is the place to learn how to sign up and start browsing for movies with Redbox Instant by Verizon on your Windows PC or Apple Macintosh computer. To continue, please let us know what...
    Date Updated: 01/22/2014
    Answer ID: 760
  3. Why can't I open the Getting Started guide for my device?
    Many of our Getting Started guides are in PDF format, which makes it easier to save them for future reference. Most computers come equipped with software that allows you to read PDF files, as...
    Date Updated: 02/27/2014
    Answer ID: 1368