Will my web browser work with Redbox Instant by Verizon?

You can enjoy your favorite titles using the following PC and Mac web browsers: Internet Explorer 9 and later; Firefox 3.5 and later; Chrome 21 and later. Also, for Mac users only, Safari 5 and later can be used. For the best possible browser viewing experience, we recommend the latest production version (not beta or development.) Your browser should be set to accept cookiesand have JavaScript turned on.

Although you can't stream through a web browser on anything other than a PC or Mac, we have free apps that will allow you to watch on a variety of additional devices.

Not sure which version you have, or want to upgrade? Please follow the links below, which will take you to sites outside the Help Center in a separate browser tab or window. When you're done, just close the tab or window to return here:

 Microsoft Internet Explorer

 Check version  Upgrade
 Google Chrome  Check version  Upgrade
 Mozilla Firefox  Check version  Upgrade
 Apple Safari  Check version  Upgrade


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