Which devices support streaming?

With an Internet connection you can stream movies on all these devices:

Want to watch on more big screens? Check out our topics on using AirPlay Mirroring with your newer Mac or iPod, iPad and iPod Touch.

So if you have a device we don't yet support and that device has a web browser, why can't you just use that browser to stream? That's because we currently stream videos only through standard PC or Mac browsers. In order to stream video to a device that's not a personal computer -- even if that device has a browser -- you'll need an app specific to that device.

We're always hard at work adding devices. Although we're not able to provide advance notice of upcoming devices, we'll update our list of supported devices as soon as Redbox Instant by Verizon is available and supported on a new device. If you want to request support for your device, and get email when it's added, just click here!

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