How much does Redbox Instant by Verizon cost?

A subscription to Redbox Instant by Verizon that includes access to thousands of streaming titles plus 4 one-night credits at the kiosk is $8 per month plus taxes, and we start you out with a free trial!  You can tell which titles are available with a subscription, and as part of our free trial, when you see a badge that looks like an arrow: Subscription badge.

Not really into subscribing? You also can buy streaming movies that will be yours to keep, or rent streaming titles or discs, with or without a subscription. Those titles also have badges: Premium streaming titles that are available for rental and/or purchase have a badge that looks like a tag Rent/buy tag, and titles available at a Redbox kiosk have a disc badge Kiosk badge (of course!)

To find out what it costs to rent or purchase a streaming movie that isn't included with the monthly subscription, just select its poster from the Movies page and then choose the arrow next to the Rent or Buy button. You won't be charged until you confirm a purchase. See a title that's available both as a streaming rental and at a kiosk, and want to know more about what you get with each format? Click here!

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